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Surfing Euskadi

The surfing school is the best guide to safely and efficiently immerse yourself in the surfing world, as well as saving a great deal of time.

There is at least one surf school per beach in the region. Schools which meet the quality and professionalism requirements demanded in the Euskadi Surfing product club.

Currently, they all provide similar courses at more than reasonable prices, with highly qualified coaches, both experts with children and adults, as well as with persons with reduced mobility or any other physical or mental disabilities.

This offer is as wide as the range of pupils: Intensive courses lasting one week, two weeks, one day,... Small groups for more control and safety. They all include facilities on the shore and safe, high quality materials. The majority are schools managed by local surfers and experts who know the beach well.

  • Address: La Arena Beach 21, lonja 6.
    Town: Zierbena.
    Telephone: +34 946366381 / 617480401 / 636921673.

    At La Arena surf school and center we offer surf and sup lessons, for everyone and every level, all year around, from initiation to perfection in the best facilities of 410m2 just 100 meters from the beach. In La Arena surf school and center we like transmiting surfing`s positive values such are: purity, respect, discipline and possible goals.

    We also offer a members area where they can find: surfboards check room, gym, hot water showers, changing rooms, wardrobes, wetsuits dryer zone and indoor skate mini ramp, and a shop where buy tech material or rent it.


    Securty, quality, leraning and fun:

    - Certified surf instructors
    - Accident insurance
    - Wide changing rooms (hot water showers)
    - Lockers
    - Specific material for each student, depending on level
    - Languages: Basque, English, Spanish
  • Address: Barinatxe beach (La Salvaje)
    Town: Getxo-Sopela
    Telephone: +34 637 510 129

    Learn to surf with Eneko Acero, 2 times European Pro Circuit Champion. Share his experiences and learning techniques practiced during 25 years of professional career.

    Quality and effectiveness of learning:
    - Highly qualified instructors
    - Intensive and personalized learning (groups of 5 maximum)..
    - Mobility in search of waves.

    All levels: beginners, improvement, advanced, competition. New activities: guided tours, personal coaching, group coaching, travel coaching, groups and sports clubs. All year , all ages , all options : groups of 5 or less ( 4,3,2 ) , tutoring. Spanish, Basque, English. Technical advice on surfboards, trainings, etc.
    Lectures and videos with the Acero brothers (Eneko, Kepa, Iker ) over waves, travel, sea, surf origin.

    We teach surfing as a sport, as a communication with nature, as enjoyment and fun.

  • Address: Playa Barinatxe (La Salvaje)
    Town: SOPELA.
    Telephone: +34 617 46 75 64

    Classes, rental and sales of SURF, SUP and Bodyboard equipment. Spanish; English and Euskera. We are open 365 days a year. We make up an extensive human team with a great deal of experience in the surfing world. Our purpose is to provide professional teaching which is both close and personal according to levels, age and the physical preparation of our students. Surfing is an individual sport in which each person can find their learning, progression and personal enrichment, each at their own level but with the same possibility of enjoyment. We want to convey positive surfing values, its essence and rules of appropriate conduct, both in terms of respect for others and caring for our beaches and nature.

  • Address: Larrabasterra s/n
    Town: SOPELA
    Telephone: 667 557 839.

    Founded by Gorka Yarritu, who boasts over 30 years experience as a professional surfer and over 15 years as instructor and manager of the School. He also serves as a Quiksilver Team Manager, recruiting and training talented up-and-comers. Our courses cater for all walks of life. Not simply sticking to teaching how to surf, our seasoned experience compels us to instil in our students the notion that surfing is a combination of 3 aspects: sport, nature and enjoyment.
    Our surfing school lets students practice sport, teaching them technique, safety and how to respect the sea. It goes without saying that everyone comes to have a good time. Children, who are pros when it comes to having fun, give us top marks in this department.

  • Address: Paseo de Ondarreta s/n
    Town: PLENTZIA
    Telephone: 94 677 41 79 / 678 67 53 04.

    Sport & Adventure!
    CABOBILLANO –Basque Adventure Company
    Situated on Plentzia beach, in a natural setting which is ideal for practising water sports, particularly Surfing and SUP surfing. With over 12 years of experience in the sector, the company specialises in Leisure-Sport and Adventure activities for both individuals and school and company groups.
    On offer:

    • All levels of surfing classes: beginners, improvers and developers. For kids from ages 6 upwards to adults.
    • SUP and Kayak activities. Sea excursions, descents down Plentzia river from Butrón castle and Beginners courses.
    • We provide the option of renting gear. The facilities are located right on the beachfront with leading technical equipment to practice your favourite sport.

  • Address: Itsasbide, 58
    Town: GORLIZ
    Telephone: (34) 946 774 265

    If you are reading this, there is not much we can add to what you already heard about us. We have being 20 years working in thus company, which has a privilege location at Gorliz beach, 27kms form Bilbao and the best place to start getting involved into surfing.

    What makes us different is a completed offer, based on experiences for our customers’ satisfaction. This year, we have something new to offer you: Coasteering in the Basque Coast, a real adventure for the sea lovers, a guided tour through our cliffs, added to the sensations of riding a BIGSUP board. Can you imagine SUP with 8 people on the surfboard? such a funny experience.

    We are also specialized on team building events and incentives for companies, Surf Camps and Multi-adventure for young and adult people.

    Basque Country Coast: Surf and more

  • Address: Sabino Aranako etorbidea, 3
    Town: BAKIO
    Telephone: 605 72 76 75

    Located on the front line of the beach and with facilities to surf all year round, the Bakio Rip Curl Eskola stands out for its methods. We provide Surf and Bodyboard courses for all levels and ages, from starters of beginner courses to perfection and competition. We also have different material for hire and showers for those free surfers needing to use them; beginners' boards, advanced boards, wetsuits, Bodyboards and Paddleboards.

  • Address: San Pelaio bide nagusia, 52
    Town: BAKIO
    Telephone: 615 743 528

    It's your time to surf! If you have always had the urge to surf, you've already had a go or you want to improve your technique, you've come to the right place. In Lokal Surf Eskola you will find courses for all levels, ages and groups. The school provides courses tailored to every need, with qualified monitors and materials to best suit your needs. The courses are taught at Bakio beach whenever conditions permit, otherwise, according to the level of the students, there is the possibility of moving to other beaches for lessons.

  • Address: Erdiko benta, 1
    Town: BAKIO
    Telephone: 639 669 865 / 680 279 526

    Uretan Basque Surf Center specializes in the teaching and practice of activities on the beach and surrounding areas. Our school provides a range from introductory surf classes, Stand Paddle rides along the coast, biking, sports and leisure plans for all ages, as well as more technical programmes aimed at export sportspersons.

    The main objective of Uretan is to teach surfing as sport, with particular attention to school children aged 6 to 18 years. We have specific courses that introduce you to learning the sport, with various workshops regarding marine and meteorological concepts, promoting understanding and respect for the surfing, beach and sea environment.

  • Address: Txorrokopunta, 10
    Town: MUNDAKA
    Telephone: 94 6177 229

    We provide surf classes on the renowned left surf wave at the Urdaibai Reserve for over 20 years, with EHSF qualified monitors with a great deal of experience in the world of surfing, teaching classes to youngsters from the age of around 7 to adults of any age. SUP stand up classes are also taught. We guarantee the safest courses whilst providing maximum enjoyment.

    Mundaka Surf Eskola has plenty of material for hire : Boards, wetsuits, bodyboards, flippers, kayaks (canoes). Open seven days a week in the summer.

  • Address: Playa de Laga
    Telephone: 946 276 661

    URDAIBAI Surf Eskola, located in the vicinity of the Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai and alongside the legendary Mundaka wave, offers surfing courses and activities on the beaches of Laida and Laga. Aimed at all ages, from children to adults, our school provides a full programme of surf courses, so you can get started and progress until you're ready to enjoy the surf on your own and in full safety.

    Personalized service and content tailored to the level and duration of the courses. Planning of groups with similar levels and conditions to achieve a more uniform level environment. Professional instructors trained in rescue and first aid. Material and equipment suitable for beginners.

  • Address: Paskual Abaroa, 5
    Town: LEKEITIO
    Telephone: 657 738 178

    Surf isn't a question of age or physical condition and can be practiced at any age. Our coast provides the perfect surfing conditions, which constantly progresses in terms of the people practicing this sport. Our goal is to provide surf lessons and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) for all levels, which can consist of five-day courses, weekend courses and individual courses for both sports. We also provide a rental service to practice these sports to everyone's taste all year long.

    We want to bring the benefits of water sports to everyone pager to practice them. Our primary goal is not performance or fitness. We want to provide services that are aimed at improving the people's quality of life, based on the health benefits of water sports for all those who practice them.

  • Address: Arakistain Plaza
    Town: DEBA
    Telephone: 943 029 600

    Yak Debark Surf Eskola is a unique opportunity for any visitor visiting Debar. This is the safest and sure fire option for introduction into the world of surfing through our induction courses. The school is located on the Santiago de Debar beach. We provide a Wide range of SURF and Stand up Paddle classes with qualified teachers with a great deal of experience in teaching children, youths and adults. Courses range from one day, two days and five day intensive courses. In addition, we offer equipment for hire (boards, wetsuits, SUP) so visitors can put what they have learned in our courses to practice or just surf or SUP at their own leisure. This is all in a unique natural setting, as the Santiago de Debar beach is located within the Basque Coast Leopard.

  • Address: Malkorbe Hondartza
    Town: GETARIA
    Telephone: +34 943 320 068

    Pukas Surf Eskola and Ibón Amatriain combine experience and expertise in Pukas SUP Eskola on Malkorbe beach, Getaria. You can learn the technique on "flat water", sign up for various trips, rent equipment and even mix in board fitness (Ocean Pilates). And if you think this is hard, come and check it out and you'll be surprised as it's suitable for the whole family, whatever your age or physical condition.

    Malkorbe beach is a beautiful waveless beach. The shelter provided by the port makes it ideal to practice SUP. A new sport based on a simple idea: Moving along on foot on a board with the use of a paddle.

  • Address: Trinida kalea, 1 bajo
    Town: ZARAUTZ
    Telephone: 908 835 648 / 639 429 549

    At our school you breathe both surf and the great atmosphere! Surrounded by professionals and highly experienced surfers, we offer the following services:

    • Surf classes for all levels. Beginners, maintenance and perfection.
    • Stand up paddle classes.
    • Surf classes and various activities for stag and hen parties.
    • Equipment rental: All types of boards, body boards, paddles, wetsuits and skates.
    • Conferences and video screening of Axis Muniain.

  • Address: Nafarroa kalea, 11 Itsasertza
    Town: ZARAUTZ
    Telephone: 943 020 894

    We are surfers who love the sea and sports professionals with a great deal of experience in sport. After a lifetime devoted to sport and competition, we decided to train as physical sports educators. We specialise in teaching and training Surfing with the intention of conveying all our knowledge. After 15 years working in Surfing sports education we finally created our own Surf Eskola.

    The main purpose of this project is to raise awareness throughout the population towards a healthy lifestyle through regular sport and exercise. We want to promote a philosophy of health in our citizens, and also to create an attractive healthy tourism provision for foreigners.

  • Address: Lizardi kalea, 9
    Town: ZARAUTZ
    Telephone: 943 89 06 36

    Steeped in history and surfed by the top surfers in the world, Zarautz is further characterized as being the safest beach for learning. Also, it 2 and a half kilometres of beach are ideal for surfing regardless of level.

    Located in the centre of Zarautz beach, we provide all levels of surfing classes and courses. We boast extensive facilities on the beach, first hand material backed by Pukas and a shop where you will find just what you need.

    It is not unusual to come across members of the Pukas professional team at our school such as Aritz Aranburu or Hodei Collazo, or sit on the peak with the likes of Ibón Amatriain (Pukas Surf Eskola teacher), or Letamendia Adur, the latter responsible for the Zarautz School.

  • Address: JM Barandiaran, 22
    Town: DONOSTIA
    Telephone: +34 943 454061 / 647 471436

    Free Surf Eskola will make your first surf day Waves, surf and young people. These are the main components that go to make up Zurriola beach, the one with the most movement and ambience in San Sebastian.

    Situated in the heart of the Gros neighbourhood, between the two cubes of the Kursaal and Mount Ulía, Zurriola beach, since it was redeveloped 15 years ago, has become a favourite destination of surfers and young people from all over the world wanting to have a good time and meet people.

    People come to the "Zurri", which is the "in" name for the beach amongst Donostia's young people, principally to "move", to burn off some energy. This dynamism is precisely what give the beach its appeal. Surfing and beach volleyball championships and constant short courses; football and beach tennis matches... the hotbed of beach activity is here, along the 800 metres of shoreline which Zurriola occupies.

  • Address: Avda. Zurriola, 24
    Town: DONOSTIA
    Telephone: 943 320 068

    Our schools are supported by the Pukas brand quality, a Basque reference in the sector and also recognized worldwide. Our school in San Sebastián, with 900m2 right on Avenida de la Zurrióla (on the sea front) is dedicated to customer care and focused on fun and learning. With the largest selection of boards in the whole of the Basque Country, you can surf on soft boards, polyurethane foam boards, polystyrene, small and large, bodyboards, highperformance and SUPs.

    In addition, our team of monitors is run by prestigious surfers / instructors with degrees in Sport and Physical Activity Science, who, besides having international qualifications in the field, also posses EHSF diplomas.

  • Address: Ramón y Cájal, 3
    Town: DONOSTIA
    Telephone: 609 808 011 / 943 102 398

    Our school offers an unforgettable experience in the ideal spot to learn to surf. There are various courses on offer aimed at all ages. Come and enjoy yourselves under the care of our team.

  • Address: Usandizaga, 14
    Town: DONOSTIA
    Telephone: 943 011 391

    Zurriola Surf Eskola aims to be a surfing shool of reference. It is the 1* Surf School with an "EHSF Eskola Labela" quality certificate, distinctive of guarantee and safety. It has modern facilities, qualified instructors and a wide range of material to develop surfing skills. The aim is for students to learn about the sea, surfing and to teach civil behaviour on and off the water. Zurrióla Surf Eskola aims to convey with way of understanding and enjoying surfing as a way of life.

  • Address: Foru kalea, 12
    Telephone: +34 615 769 944

    We teach stand up paddle surf. Our offer provides trips down the River Bidasoa, courses on Hondarribia beach, waves on the beach of Hendaya and also rentals. We adapt to meet your needs. Our team goes anywhere to liven up the party. AS a new addition, HS2 provides Hawaiian canoes for 4 people where you can catch waves as a family with our monitors

    You can find us at Hondarribia beach from June to September and at the Hondarribia rowing club the rest of the year.

  • Address: Erlaitz 3
    Town: IRUN
    Telephone:(34) 688 675 747

    A Central Surf School we have been organizing beginner and perfection surfing courses for over 20 years in the Bidasoa area, specifically on Hendaia Beach. The monitors are certified by the Basque Country Surfing Federation, with extensive experience with both children and adults and in integrating disabled persons. We organize courses throughout the year, in small groups, with transportation from Hondarribia and Irun included, and with specialized equipment to ensure courses are both safe and the required quality levels are met.

    Everything is organised to ensure you enjoy the waves with us.