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Surfing EuskadiDesigned to offer as much comfort as possible, they offer all the information regarding the waves and the best conditions for each of them. Everything is planned around surfing: areas to leave and look after your equipment, tips on the best leisure options, transport, and gastronomy, as well as sound advice on how to enjoy your stay in the Basque Country as much as possible.

Also, most surfcamps offer comprehensive package holidays which include accommodation, food, surf classes and complementary activities. Everything is tailor-made to respond to your needs.

  • Barrika Surf Kamp Barrika Surf Kamp

    Address: Urb. Garramune, 39.
    Town: 48650 Barrika.
    Telephone: +34 946 774 497.

    Barrika Surf Camp is a meeting place for anybody who wants to get into the beautiful sport of surfing, a whole way of life in close contact with nature, and also for experienced surfers who want to put themselves to the test in highly demanding waters (La Galea, El Acantilado, Azkorri, La Triangu, Sopelana, Meñakoz, Barrika, Bakio, Mundaka and other places). This fully-restored 16th-century building conserves a cosy, family atmosphere, with its own large garden where you can relax after a hard day on the beach or sightseeing. Barrika is a small town nestling beside cliffs in a rural setting which is ideally located for surfing and nature lovers. The area also has bars with a surfing atmosphere where you can have a drink while listening to good music.

  • Address: Gendika nº1.
    Town: 48311 Ibarrangelu
    Telephone: +34 667 737 397 / +34 946 276 316

    Laga Surf Camp is a camp on Laga beach, in Biscay, within the biosphere reserve of Urdaibai. Our camps are for all ages from children up to adults, separated into groups. Our accommodation is a fully equipped rural house for those wanting to learn how to surf and those wanting to perfect their technique. Laga is home to the best waves for all levels. Besides that, the best left wave of Europe is in Mundaka, just 5 minutes from Laga. On the beach you will find everything you need to surf. We provide surfboards for all levels; soft boards for learning and boards produced using the finest materials for perfection.

  • Address: Elortza, 5.
    Town: 48610 Urduliz
    Telephone: +34 946 764 859 / +34 635 719 844

    An ideal Hostel for surfing and skating, just a few minutes walk from the waves at Sopela, La Galea, La Salvaje, Meñakoz, to name but a few.
    Our Hostel is a refurbished traditional house which can host 75 guests in optimum conditions. It boasts extensive sports and leisure facilities, particularly for surf and skate aficionados as well as adventure sports enthusiasts. The Hostel has its own mini skate ramp, a street circuit, archery area, heated swimming pool, boulder, barbecue zone, bar, picnic area, open air cinema, etc. This is all strategically located in the peaceful municipality of Urduliz in Biscay, surrounded by leafy woodlands with a wide variety of routes for trekkers and cyclists. The Hostel is also well communicated with Bilbao with a metro station just 1.3km away.